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A Partner Every Step of the Way

We are part of the community we serve. To better understand our market, Rivers Car Wash Centre was established in 2010. It remains our utmost priority to innovate and ensure a comprehensive plan is in place to innovate Rivers products. We believe in continuous growth, thereby investing in research and development of car care products. We use our own products in our auto detailing shop, understanding what needs to be ameliorated and always allowing room for changes in order to adapt to the trends of the evolving car care industry. Known for exemplary car wash and auto detailing services, Rivers Auto Detailing, albeit located in Marikina, has garnered regular clients not just within the local area but throughout the metropolis as well. Due to the unusual circumstances brought about by the pandemic, Rivers Car Wash Centre is non-operational for the time being. Rivers Enterprise Corporation is currently engaged in manufacturing car care products and as a supplier of commercial establishments.

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Connected to the Business Community

It is fundamental that we secure stable working relationships with our clients, both local and regional car wash establishments. For almost decades now, Rivers has been a major supplier of car wash and detailing shops. It remains a vital and an integral core of the business to keep our standards high in giving quality yet affordable car care products. This along with providing market support, technical assistance, and after-sales services were we able to be regarded as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

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Our Extensive Market

After years of building and securing our brand, we were able to extend our reach, more specifically by including end-userse in our target market. In 2018, Rivers Car Care products were made available online. To keep up with the growing demand, we investred in additional refilling machines and equipment. The attention we put into upholding the quality of Rivers products has garnered quite a following among car enthusiasts and meticulous car detailers.

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Recognized as Leading and Innovative

To date, Rivers has been a consistent top seller of car care products in Lazada Philippines and has been likewise a consistent nominee in The Lazada Awards Winning Circle, Motors Category. As our company strive to be competitive in the market sector, it is imperative we remain focused on product quality while expanding the Rivers Car Care product line.